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Target Weaknesses & Progress To Higher Levels

Burd Physical Therapy is proud to offer specialized care for athletes involved in rotational sports through the certification of Dr. Daniel Strack under the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Established in 2003, the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), is the leader in golf, fitness, and medical evaluation and treatment of both amateur and professional players. The training provided by TPI transcends the game of golf to apply to any sports that require the body to rotate and move efficiently. TPI is founded on a physical screening that allows a professional to determine areas of strength, weakness, and potential injury for a player. This certification allows a professional to then establish an individualized exercise and fitness regimen to target weaknesses and areas of potential injury while progressing to higher levels of play and longevity.

Someone who prioritizes their health and wants to ensure that they are basing their movements and physical approach to their sport off what their body will allow. There is no age limit, no skill level requirement, and no judging of talent. If you want to play to the best of your abilities and be healthy doing it, you are the ideal patient for a TPI assessment.

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Dan graduated from Nazareth College with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017 and a Bachelor's degree in Health Science in 2015. Dan was a member of the Nazareth Men’s Golf team and continued his passion for golf after school with a biomechanics certification from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Clinically, as well as his specific golf focus, he has been practicing in the outpatient orthopedic setting for 3+ years and has a draw to any and all orthopedic conditions that limit his patients from completing their daily and recreational activities.


In his free time, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife, Kassie, daughter Livia and dog Jack in their home in Penfield, frequenting numerous golf courses around the Rochester area with friends, as well going on hikes, traveling with family, and doing home renovation projects!

Physical Therapist in Rochester, NY



All sessions will be completed on a 1:1 basis between you and your TPI coach. Before the physical testing can begin, an interview will take place to discuss with you the goals and aspirations you have for your game and from your swing.



Beginning with 13 comprehensive special tests, a baseline of your strengths and weaknesses are identified via assessing your unique body. These tests range from looking at your pelvis, hips, shoulders, thoracic spine, cervical spine, and wrists for strength, stability, and mobility.


Swing Characteristics

Next is an assessment of how your physical limitations connect to the results you see from swinging the club. This is not an assessment of your form but rather a method to determine the priority ranking of limitations that are stopping you from achieving your goals. The culmination of this information will lead your TPI expert to establish a program designed uniquely to target the impairments seen in the testing leading to your limiting swing characteristics. ​


Home Program

Along with your customized exercises, you will have access to the full electronic library of exercise videos from Burd Physical Therapy’s TPI expert.


Follow Ups

Lastly, to determine your progress with your customized program, follow-up appointments with your TPI expert are recommended to re-evaluate your prior testing and discuss areas of improvement and progressions of your initial home program.

What's Included

Thoracic Extension Wall Stretch

Calf Stretching

IT Band Stretch

Issue: Mid Back Pain, Spine Stiffness

Overview: Convenient stretch using the wall to improve thoracic extension, helpful for hunched-back posture, improves thoracic cage mobility for breathing.

Frequency: 5 repetitions, 5 sec. hold, 2x daily

Issue: Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Running

Overview: Can be done in multiple ways. Refer to the video for the easiest way to complete it for you. Also, it is very helpful to add some foam rolling to this area, but it is better to get checked out by a PT before starting to do that.

Frequency: 10 repetitions, 10 sec. hold, 2x daily

Issue: Knee Pain, Knee Stiffness, Ankle Stiffness

Overview: Beneficial for improving mobility of knee and ankle to improve walking mechanics and reduce risk of injury.

Frequency: 10 repetitions, 10 sec. hold, 2-3x daily

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