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Patient Testimonial Videos

Aaron Seeks Help With Shoulder Arthritis

Here, Aaron shares part 1 of his story, as he found Burd Physical Therapy to help him find relief from chronic pain caused by arthritis in his shoulder. Great job with your treatment plan, Aaron! We've loved being a part of your recovery.

Brett Testimonial

Brett has struggled with back issues his entire life and recently had a flare-up that was extremely debilitating. He has done a great job with his treatment and has already seen significant improvement in just a few short weeks!

Evan Shares His Story Of Progress

Meet Evan! 🤗

Evan has been a patient at BURD PT for a couple of years now and we've absolutely loved watching him progress through his work with Chelsea and Dan!

Here, he shares some of his story and what he enjoys about his relationship with Burd Physical Therapy. Great job, Evan!

Evan Uses SmartFit to Battle Ataxia

Evan joined us back in November for neuro therapy treatment along with balance and eye/hand accuracy. Even just in the short time he's been with us he is seeing massive improvement. Evan has ataxia which is a neurological condition stemming from exposure to radiation as a child. Nothing keeps his spirits down, however. With his amazing attitude and continued PT, Evan is well on his way to improving his dexterity!

Gabby P. Testimonial

Gabby started off at BURD PT as a patient, but quickly realized after loving the culture here she wanted to work here part-time! Welcome aboard Gabby! BPT is happy to have you!

John B. Testimonial - Knee Replacement PT

John had back-to-back knee replacement surgery and had gotten to the point where he was heading towards needing a wheelchair. Here, he shares the amazing story of his progression and what life is like now.

Julie Gets The Care She Deserves

Testimonials like this one are why we love doing what we do. EVERY patient deserves individual care. Our patient's goals will always be our mission ❤️

Julie Shares Why She Loves BURD PT

One of our most favorite testimonials. Julie shares a few of the reasons she loves coming to BURD Physical Therapy. We're so happy that we've made a difference in your life, Julie!

Kathi's Post Surgery Recovery with Burd Physical Therapy

We're proud to introduce you to Kathi; one of our post surgery rehabilitation patients!

Kathi is recovering and rehabilitating from her second knee surgery. She's certainly a fighter as also demonstrated by her losing over 140 pounds!!!

Be sure congratulate Kathi on her amazing journey. Great job Kathi!!!!

Kyle's Knee Rehabilitation

We're so glad to showcase our patient Kyle! Kyle has been coming in for some time now after a patellar tendon injury. After major knee surgery, Kyle was immobilized for six weeks! Since then he's been rehabbing with us here at BURD PT and he's just reached his range of motion goal. Everyone congratulate Kyle on an amazing recovery!

Larry Testimonial

Larry has been a patient with us for a few months now and has already seen tremendous progress within his pain levels and the range of motion of his shoulder! Get back to doing what you love with BURD Physical Therapy!

Learn why Tauri LOVES coming to Physical Therapy now

Everyone welcome Tauri!
Tauri is one of our MOST energetic patients. We love her charisma and her enthusiasm. She comes to PT ready to crush every session! She even rocked her BURD PT shirt for this patient spotlight! 🙂

Matt gets back to playing shape with Burd Physical Therapy

Meet Matt! He is recovering from a torn labrum and SLAP repair. A SLAP repair is an arthroscopic shoulder surgery using sutures to reattach the torn labrum back to the bone of the shoulder socket. Matt has progressed wonderfully in the time he's been with us and he's itching to get back on the baseball diamond this spring! Keep up the great work Matt!!!

Patient Reviews

At BURD Physical Therapy, we are committed to building strong relationships with our patients and providing them with the best care possible.

We are thrilled to receive such kind words of appreciation and gratitude from our valued patients. Your trust in us is the greatest motivation to continue serving you better and helping you achieve a speedy recovery.

Patient Testimonial - Anthony

Anthony has progressed tremendously since beginning his treatment with us. Every patient deserves individualized, one-on-one care! Your goals are our mission.

Patty Cycles 700 Miles After Visiting BURD PT!

We're so happy to have Patty as a patient here at BURD PT! Patty is a phenomenal example of someone who has persevered in order to accomplish her goals. Listen to her story and what she was able to accomplish with the help of her therapist Chelsea!
#YourGoalsOurMission | #PhysicalTherapy

Paul Testimonial - Shortened

Your goals are our mission! If you're not receiving individualized, one-on-one care, you're not getting the care you deserve.

Paul finds relief in Burd Physical Therapy after his surgey

Here is a great story about how Paul sought us out for postoperative therapy. Learn how we were able to understand Paul's concerns and alleviate his worries!

Pre-Surgery Treatment with Nate

Nate came to us after needing surgery for a long term shoulder ailment. Nate consulted with us pre-surgery and has been receiving treatment post-surgery for about seven weeks now. His goal is to be able to throw a baseball again, along with numerous other tasks as well. He's been hampered by his shoulder for some time now and he can see the light at the end of the tunnel! You're almost there Nate! 👏👏👏

Ron uses Burd's Aquatic Therapy to Get Back to Bowling Strikes 🎳

Meet Ron! Ron participates in our Aquatic Therapy program. He sought us out for some knee issues he's been having. Like Ron, our patients find the pool increcibly beneficial when it comes to their therapy. Wish Ron the best as he strengthens that knee for more bowling! 🎳

Rosemary Testimonial

Testimonials like Rosemary's are very moving for us because we get to hear - in her own words - how we've made a meaningful difference in her life.

You've made tremendous progress since your car accident, Rosemary, and we're truly happy to see you getting back to doing what you love!

See What Our Patients Have To Say!

Discover what one of our recent clients at BURD Physical Therapy has to say! 🌟👨‍⚕️

Watch how our dedicated therapist and personalized treatment plan transformed their journey to pain-free living!

Say goodbye to discomfort, improve mobility, and get ready to embrace a healthier life! 😊

Steve Recovers From An ACL Tear With BURD Physical Therapy

Steve recently suffered his second ACL tear while playing soccer ⚽. He has made tremendous progress so far with his range of motion and strength. Here he shares his experience in healing from the injury and his future goals 🙌 #YourGoalsOurMission | #ACLInjury | #ACLTear | #BURDPT

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