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Relieve Winter Arthritis Pain

Our patients with arthritis know that weather changes can cause their joint pain to flare up.

When winter arrives, cold air can make joints stiffer and therefore more difficult to move.

Take these steps to reduce discomfort:

Dress for the Weather If conditions are expected to be blistering cold, leave the house in more than a jacket. Dress in layers, cover your hands in warm gloves with room for movement, wrap a cozy scarf around your neck and use leg warmers that go over the knees.

Stay Active Indoors Winter weather often prevents us from going outdoors to be active, but what about indoor exercise? You do not need a treadmill or elliptical to combat a sedentary lifestyle. A practice like yoga is relaxing and helps stretch tight muscles.

Drink Plenty of Fluids Staying hydrated will help motivate you to stay active and supplement the loss of sweat and other fluids. In addition, drinking hot liquids like herbal tea can help combat chronic inflammation associated with arthritis.

Lose the Holiday Weight Especially for people suffering from osteoarthritis of the knees, weight loss can result in decreased pain. When there is less body weight applied to these sensitive areas, joint flare-ups not only improve in cold weather but year-round!

Our team at BURD Physical Therapy can help manage your pain. We use a variety of treatment techniques, including manual therapy, functional and therapeutic exercises and patient education.


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