TeleHealth Physical Therapy

45 - 60 minutes - Self Pay or Insurance, Group or Private

With the introduction of COVID-19, people are challenged to find innovative ways to ensure they maintain their health and rehabilitation. Burd Physical Therapy offers a secure virtual clinic experience for patients to be connected with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who can assist them through the whole process. 

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Active Aging

45 - 60 minutes - Self Pay or Insurance, Group or Private

Active aging is a process of developing and maintaining your ability to live a functional life as you age. Burd Physical Therapy provides state of the art technology to accommodate that goal. Our active aging program helps people both physically and mentally. You won't regret this preventative program! 

Acive Aging Physical Therapy Near Me

Preoperative Program

45 - 60 minutes - Self Pay or Insurance, Private

Awaiting surgery? Did you know that 95% of patients who used physical therapy prior to their surgery reported lower pain scores after surgery? Don't wait, start your 4-week preoperative program today.

Physical Therapy Before Surgery

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

45 - 60 minutes - Self Pay or Insurance, Private

Recovering and rehabilitating after surgery can be a difficult process. Most patients want to get back to their functional life as soon as possible. If that is your goal, then you're in luck because that is our specialty!

Physical Therapy afer Surgery Rocheser

Balance & Fall Prevention

45 - 60 minutes - Self Pay or Insurance, Group or Private

Did you know that over 800,000 patients per year are hospitalized in the U.S. due to an injury from a fall? We want to bring this number down! Luckily, falls aren't something that just happens when you age, there are proven ways to reduce falls that we have successfully used at Burd Physical Therapy. 

Fall Prevention Physical Therapy

LSVT BIG for Parkinson Disease

45 - 60 minutes - Self Pay or Insurance, Group

BIG for LIFE is a group exercise program that uses the concepts from LSVT BIG. It was developed so that patients who have completed LSVT BIG treatment for Parkinson's can practice their exercises and “BIG” movements not just at home by themselves, but also in a group setting with others like them.

LSVT BIG Physical Therapy Rochester

Sportsmetric Injury Prevention

45 - 60 minutes - Self Pay or Insurance, Private or Group

Our Sportsmetrics injury prevention program includes scientifically proven agility drills and cardiovascular workouts that are created to ensure athletes can start their season with a solid physical foundation and continued maintenance throughout the year.

Sports Physical Therapy Rochester

Gym Membership 

45 - 60 minutes - Self Pay Monthly

Monthly Membership includes unlimited access to the Burd fitness center during business hours. Burd fitness center is integrated within the Physical Therapy clinic. Our goal is to provide fitness services to healthy and medically compromised individuals in the community. Gain confidence with exercise under the supervision of a skilled physical therapist!



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