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Physical Therapy Options For Multiple Sclerosis

Physical therapy can be a great form of treatment for those suffering from multiple sclerosis!

Mobility and Muscle Problems Walking problems are extremely common in MS and may be one of the first symptoms you experience.

Physical therapy can help you improve your mobility and independence.

An anti-gravity treadmill is an example of one type of physical therapy that could be beneficial in managing MS symptoms. This type of therapy reduces the effect of gravity, which helps to reduce fatigue and improve walking.

Fatigue You may also be surprised to learn that, in addition to muscle and mobility problems, physical therapy exercises can improve MS-related fatigue. One of the reasons that exercise helps is that being inactive actually contributes to fatigue by causing your body to work harder to do everything.

Posture and Positioning BURD Physical Therapy can teach you how to maintain good posture and body positioning, which may alleviate some of your MS-related pain. Posture-related treatments such as stretching and strength exercises can help to reduce pain and discomfort associated with MS by improving core stability and balance. If you're in a wheelchair or you have limited mobility, proper positioning can also help to prevent pressure sores.


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