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Lymphedema: Causes & Treatment

Lymphedema is a common condition that can cause swelling in the arms and legs or other parts of the body.

It is caused by an accumulation of lymph fluid due to improper functioning of the lymphatic system.

This can happen after certain surgeries or because you have certain medical conditions or genetic conditions.

You may develop lymphedema spontaneously, meaning it happens for no known reason.

Fortunately, BURD Physical Therapy has treatments to help reduce lymphedema symptoms.

Our team of therapists use techniques such as manual lymph drainage, compression

bandaging, and exercises to improve the flow of lymphatic fluid and alleviate swelling.

We also provide education on self-management techniques such as skin care and exercise to prevent lymphedema from getting worse over time.

Contact us for comprehensive treatment that helps you get back to living a healthier life!


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