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5 Little Known Physical Therapy Facts

It's National Physical Therapy Month!! We thought we would share some fun facts about the profession.

Physical therapy has its roots in the year 435 B.C.

The Greek philosopher Hippocrates was the first to advocate for therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy as a treatment for physical and medical problems.

Physical therapy was officially recognized as a profession during World War I.

Physical therapy was officially recognized during World War I, when it became the job of female civilian employees of the Army to rehabilitate wounded or injured soldiers.

The women who worked tirelessly to rehabilitate soldiers during World War I were initially known as reconstruction aides, or re-aides.

Led by Marguerite Sanderson, the women officially worked for the Division of Physical Reconstruction.

In 1918, Mary McMillan developed the Physiotherapy Department at Walter Reed General Hospital, a program that was abandoned when the war ended.

The first professional association of physical therapists was started by women in 1921.

The first physical therapy association, the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association, was started by Mary McMillan in 1921.

McMillan became known as the “mother of physical therapy” and became the organization’s first president.

Physical therapy is known as one of the least invasive and best cost-saving medical treatments available to patients.

One study showed an average of 72% cost savings in patients with lower back pain!

Other studies on the topic have shown similar results, with the average being around half the cost of traditional medical treatments.

So thank you and hats off to all the wonderful PT's at BURD Physical Therapy!

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