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We are excited to get you started with Burd TeleHealth Physical Therapy!

Step 1

The first step is to fill out the form below. This should just take a couple of minutes and lets our team know you are interested in TeleHealth Physical Therapy

Step 2

Once the form is filled out, our team will give you a call to collect a bit more information and add you to our TeleHealth schedule. You can also call us at 585-300-4333

Step 3

After you are added to the schedule, we will mail you a T-Mobile JoyTab which comes with its own internet plan. We will also send you instructions on how to use the tablet during your sessions.

Private Pay

$75 - Evaluation

$60 - Regular Visit


Insurance covered

+ copay


Insurance covered 

+ copay (first visit must be in-person)


Insurance covered

+ copay

Sessions are prepaid. A $40 deposit is required for Tablet rental. This deposit will be returned once Tablet is mailed back to Burd Physical Therapy.

Payment is made by credit card on the date of the first visit. 

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