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Physical Therapy through TeleHealth

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Burd Physical Therapy has recently launched a way for patients to get the care they need while at home! These one-on-one sessions are 45 - 60 minutes long with a Doctor of Physical Therapy by your side every step of the way. 

What do I need?

A smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection. 

What if I do not have a smartphone or computer with a webcam?

In this scenario, Burd Physical Therapy can send you a T-Mobile JoyTab which comes with its own data and internet plan with a deposit of $40. Upon discharge, we ask that you return the tablet and the $40 will be returned to your account.

How does it work?

Burd Physical Therapy will send you a link to join our secure virtual meeting room. Once there, you will be guided on how to connect your webcam and microphone. Once everything is working, you will be connected with your dedicated physical therapist who will have a routine prepared for you.

Does Insurance cover this?

Yes, Telehealth Physical Therapy is currently covered by Medicare, Medicaid and Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield.

How much does it cost?

If your insurance does not accept the insurances listed above, Burd Physical Therapy accepts private pay patients by credit card. It is $75 for an initial evaluation and $60 for routine visits.

How many sessions can I do?

That is really up to you. We typically recommend 2-3 sessions per week. 

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