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Shoulder Videos

Aaron Seeks Help With Shoulder Arthritis

Here, Aaron shares part 1 of his story, as he found Burd Physical Therapy to help him find relief from chronic pain caused by arthritis in his shoulder. Great job with your treatment plan, Aaron! We've loved being a part of your recovery.

Assisted Flexion for the Shoulder - Exercise Demo

You may be familiar with this assisted flexion shoulder exercise, but did you know you can make a small adjustment to how you perform the motion to be able to better target your scapular muscles?

Easing Into Shoulder Mobility

Follow along as Bri and Jen walk us through an exercise that helps ease into increasing mobility for a patient who may be newly recovering from shoulder surgery!

Eccentric Shoulder Raise

After a shoulder injury, building back range of motion is critical. Here, Chelsea shares an eccentric shoulder raise that is a great building-block exercise as the shoulder recovers.

Improving Range of Motion For an Arthritic Shoulder

Arthritis can make many motions uncomfortable or painful if done quickly, so improving range of motion is critical to treating an arthritic shoulder! These types of exercises focus on slow, deliberate motions and stretches to relieve pain and tension.

Lat Row For Shoulder Rehab

The lat row is a very traditional exercise back exercise. Here, Chelsea explains why we like to use this exercise as part of shoulder rehab.

Matt gets back to playing shape with Burd Physical Therapy

Meet Matt! He is recovering from a torn labrum and SLAP repair. A SLAP repair is an arthroscopic shoulder surgery using sutures to reattach the torn labrum back to the bone of the shoulder socket. Matt has progressed wonderfully in the time he's been with us and he's itching to get back on the baseball diamond this spring! Keep up the great work Matt!!!

Pendulum Shoulder Stabilization Exercise Demo

A pendulum shoulder stabilization exercise that we love including in treatment plans for patients post-shoulder surgery!

Physical Therapy for Arthritis Of The Shoulder

Sometimes physical therapy can be a great alternative to surgery, depending on your ailment!

Here, Aaron shares part 1 of his story, as he found Burd Physical Therapy to help him find relief from chronic pain caused by arthritis in his shoulder. Great job with your treatment plan, Aaron! We've loved being a part of your recovery.

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement is actually a very common condition found in athletes, weekend warriors, and sedentary adults!

Your shoulder complex is composed of several joints and many intricate muscles. Therefore, recovery is often slow at first. However, if you stick to your physical therapy program, you can usually expect a full recovery in just 3 to 4 months.

Get back to doing what you love sooner!

Pre-Surgery Treatment with Nate

Nate came to us after needing surgery for a long term shoulder ailment. Nate consulted with us pre-surgery and has been receiving treatment post-surgery for about seven weeks now. His goal is to be able to throw a baseball again, along with numerous other tasks as well. He's been hampered by his shoulder for some time now and he can see the light at the end of the tunnel! You're almost there Nate! 👏👏👏

Reverse Pendulum Kettlebell Exercise - Shoulder Impingement

We've been highlighting various warm-up and stretching techniques for Patty's shoulder impingement treatment and now we move on to some strengthening exercises. This reverse pendulum kettlebell exercise is a light, yet effective exercise to engage the shoulder joint to ease into strengthening the shoulder.

Scapular Stabilization Exercise For The Rotator Cuffs

Join us here as Chelsea shares one of her favorite scapular stabilization exercises that targets the rotator cuff muscles. This one is deceptively fatiguing!

Serratus Anterior Exercise - Shoulder Impingement

Chelsea demonstrates a great strengthening exercise for shoulder impingement syndrome. This exercise targets the serratus anterior a muscle at the base of the shoulder blade that helps stabilize the scapula.

Shoulder Impingement Glide

Inferior shoulder glides are a great way to ease into shoulder impingement treatment in order to relieve pain and assist with mobilization of the shoulder joint. Follow along as Chelsea explains all the benefits in detail during this session!

Shoulder Impingement Stretches

Passive rotation stretches are a great way to get a patient's shoulder accustomed to moving in certain directions again. It also tells the therapist where the patient may have the most restriction. Chelsea explains some additional benefits and demonstrates another stretch for shoulder impingement as well!

Shoulder Mobility Exercise Demo

After shoulder replacement surgery it's common to experience stiffness in the joint throughout the day or early in the morning. Here, Chelsea shares one of her favorite shoulder mobility warm-up exercises to include in treatment plans for those recovering after surgery.

Shoulder Pain Treatment At BURD Physical Therapy

Whether you're recovering from a shoulder injury or dealing with chronic pain, our team is here to help. We use a variety of techniques, including manual therapies, strength and conditioning exercises, and more, to help you achieve optimal results.

So if you're ready to get back to feeling your best, trust BURD Physical Therapy. Our experienced doctors are here to help you every step of the way.

Weighted Alphabet Exercise

Here, Physical Therapist Briana showcases another excellent and simple exercise to help strengthen your shoulders!

Weighted Shoulder Shrugs

The weighted shoulder shrug is a trapezius strengthening exercise that can easily be done incorrectly in the gym. Here, Chelsea shares a slight tweak to the traditional exercise that helps to ensure you're working the muscles properly and safely.

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