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Why Do My Feet Hurt?

Despite proper footwear, do you find your feet still hurt at the end of the day?

Physical therapy can help ease your aching feet but first, let’s examine some common causes of foot pain.

Weak Muscles:

On their own, our lower leg and foot muscles are not strong enough to withstand body weight. Especially a concern for runners, this can be combatted with strong core muscles. You may be thinking, ‘what do my abs have to do with my foot muscles?’ Well, core strength happens to be instrumental in lower extremity muscle function.

Excess Weight:

Too much body weight can increase your chances of inflammation and painful disorders like plantar fasciitis.


Damaged nerves are a common symptom of diabetes. As a result of high blood sugar, you may feel numbness, tingling or burning in different areas of the body, including the feet.

Hard Surfaces:

Running or working continually on hard surfaces, such as blacktop or concrete, can put you at risk for serious injury with every step. The pounding pressure can lead to pain in the legs, knees and feet .

Physical therapists are well-versed in the human body and its mechanics. Our team of experienced PTs can treat several conditions associated with foot pain.


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