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When Should You See A Physical Therapist?

We've all been there. Battling that constant aching pain in our back, that knee pain every time we go down the stairs, or the inability to run outside due to fear of rolling your ankle again. When do you say enough is enough?

Physical therapy can sometimes be daunting. Most of us do not enjoy the idea of being put through a rigorous exercise program, especially if we're in pain. However, these trained specialists can be more helpful than people realize. Not only can they get you back to doing what you love, they will teach you valuable techniques that will help you to better understand your body, and maybe even prevent an injury from occurring in the future.

The goal of physical therapy is to improve overall mobility, reduce pain or recover from an injury. Patients should have a direction that they foresee themselves going in, and really should be a part of the goal-making process when it comes to PT.

So where do you start?

Direct Access

Did you know that you do not need a referral from a doctor to see a physical therapist? That's right. Certain physical therapy clinics in New York State accept what's called "Direct Access", a program that allows you to be seen by a licensed physical therapist without a prescription from a doctor for 30 days.

The Evaluation

Once you've made the decision to seek help from a "movement specialist" or PT, an initial evaluation will be scheduled. This includes a face-to-face interview with the PT, as well as a physical examination. The PT will create goals and a plan of action that will drive your treatment sessions. In a matter of time, you will be back to doing what you love!

Avoiding Surgery and Medications

Many conditions can be treated by a physical therapist, without the need for unwanted surgery. While medications will mask the symptoms of chronic pain that you're dealing with, physical therapy will treat the root of the problem and help you to better understand how to address these symptoms in the future.


PT is not meant to be a long-term, forever ordeal. Once you've met treatment goals that have been set by yourself and the therapist, you will then be free to go off on your own, equipped with a comprehensive home exercise program. This allows you to continue with your fitness goals independently.

At Burd Physical Therapy, we offer a fitness program at our facility. This enables former client's to continue their fitness goals within our facility, under the supervision of a skilled physical therapist. This will hopefully lessen the worry for some when it comes to exercising.

Burd Physical Therapy encourages our clients to take control of their own health. We offer personalized, hands-on care to improve the overall well-being of our patients. When you're ready to take that next step, reach out to us. We have your back!

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