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Weight Lifters Shoulder

Weightlifter's shoulder is a common injury we see here at BURD Physical Therapy.

This injury occurs when repetitive trauma or stress from training and lifting causes tiny fractures of the clavicle bone.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can help you with activity modification and specific strength training for this problem.

Usually, rest from heavy weights is important. Avoid heavy pressing and overhead activities such as chest press and shoulder press.

You should be able to substitute other exercises such as decline barbell fly or push-ups, which are usually less painful.

Anti-inflammatory treatments such as ice and ibuprofen tablets help.

Physical therapy is extremely useful to regain function and slowly tiptoe into chest exercises.

In some difficult cases, a cortisone injection directed to the AC joint and tip of the collarbone will help.

You can rest assured that our therapists will assist you to gradually resume activities in order to prohibit setbacks.

This is just another way we carry out our mission to ensure the whole issue is treated and that patients get the attention they deserve!


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