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Vertebrae Health

Some back injuries and pains are actually are preventable if you maintain proper vertebrae health! Below are some instances where you can help improve your vertebrae health and avoid those long term injuries⁣.

1) Exercise to strengthen your core: Flexibility exercises, slow bending(forward and backward) stretches are recommended. Avoid a lot of repetitive exercises that can lead to pulled or strained muscles.⁣

2) If you experience a large stress load during the day, find ways to relax your shoulder and back muscles where we tend to carry the bulk of our stress. A warm soothing bath, or frequent massages are great stress relievers. ⁣

3) Throw away that old tired mattress! Invest in a mattress with good support. This with not only help your back, but ensure a good nights rest, which is a must for overall health.⁣

4) Do not lift anything over 25% of your body weight. Use proper techniques when lifting anything, bend your knees and hips to squat down to your load, and never lift a heavy object above shoulder level.⁣

These techniques will help to keep the vertebrae healthy and maintain good spinal health!⁣

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