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Therabands To Strengthen Muscles

One of the most widely recognized pieces of PT equipment is the Theraband. Meant to provide resistance without the need for bulky and sometimes dangerous weights, Therabands are a practical way to (re)gain strength and to stretch various muscle groups.

One aspect of Therabands that many people fail to realize is that they are color-coded to signify the amount of resistance each particular band provides:

Yellow Resistance Band - 1-6 pounds of resistance (lightest) Red Resistance Band - 2-7 pounds of resistance (light) Green Resistance Band - 2-10 Pounds of resistance (light-medium) Blue Resistance Band - 3-14 Pounds of resistance (medium) Black Resistance Band - 4-18 Pounds of resistance (heavy) Silver/Gold-10-40 Pounds of resistance (heaviest)

Now next time you visit PT you'll know exactly what those bands are for and what each color means!

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