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The Private Practice Story

You arrive at the doctor’s office.

You’re there after trying a few self-prescribed home remedies to no avail. After a brief chat and a little “Q and A” your doctor tells you that physical therapy is in order.

You’ve been to PT a few times before, but it was through the hospital you had surgery done. Your doctor hands you a list of “in network” physical therapy clinics. Having been handed the same list before you are familiar with the drill. It’s most likely going to be difficult to find an appointment that accommodates your schedule and you’ll probably have to wait around once you get there due to the clinic being over-crowded. You can almost anticipate reception telling you that they’re “running behind schedule” and it will only be “a few minutes longer until you’re seen”. You also expect that on the second and third visit you’ll most likely have to explain yourself all over again to a different physical therapist or at least jog the memory of the one you saw last.

You settle in your mind that you’ll simply have to accept this series of probable events. It’s just the way PT is.


You snap back to reality, already in a bit of a sour mood having to trek around town with an injury, the last thing you want to deal with is the soon to be headache that is surely on the horizon. As he details your chart the final thing your doctor mentions is that despite the list he handed you, “it’s ultimately your choice where you go for PT”. You perk up because It’s never really dawned on you that you have a choice in this. You’ve always just gone by “the list”. Maybe this time you decide you’re going to take matters into your own hands and explore your options.


On the drive home you remember hearing online about a private physical therapy practice and you decide to look into it further. You visit their website and poke around at some of the videos and articles they’ve posted over time. In the short while you spend on their website you learn a ton about PT that you never knew before, including that you don't even need a doctor referral to attend! They do seem smaller than what you’re used to, but they exhibit a passion for their work like you haven’t experienced at the other clinics you’ve visited.

You decide to call.

“You can see me tomorrow?” you question in shock.

The receptionist answers with a bit of a chuckle, amused by your awe; “Yes we can, what time would work best for you?”