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The Body Benefits Of Core Strength

Many people seek to gain core strength either for a flatter belly or for achieving the perfect six-pack abs. While these are indeed some of the benefits of a stronger core, they are not the only benefits!

A core not only consists of the abdomen, but includes many other regions such as hip muscles, pelvic muscles, and mid and lower back muscles. When all these muscles are strong, they help the body in strengthening the spine and muscles as well.

There are a lot of other benefits that you can achieve by gaining core strength too! It provides your body with a better balance, improved posture, and overall body control. It also helps you in achieving a more slim figure and assist your other body areas as well. Thus, core strength acts as a powerhouse for your body.

How Does Core Strength Help Your Body?

Want to know the many-body benefits of core strength? Continue reading to find out.

Helps In Reducing Back Pain

According to research, people who have a weaker core are more prone to back injuries and back pain. This happens because their spine support is not as strong as it could be. Weak spine support in turn causes more back pain and back injuries. But, when you achieve core strength, your spine becomes more stable. You can make your core muscles stronger by getting yourself indulged in many core exercises. A stronger spine can help you in reducing back pain that you may be dealing with. Also, the chances of a back injury are fairly reduced as well.

Helps In Protecting Your Nervous System

A healthy person is not someone who has a only strong physical appearance. It also includes a person with a stronger nervous system as well. Protecting the organs below the surface is also important which can be achieved through core strength. The core is where the most important and largest veins and arteries of the body can be found. Protecting these veins and arteries is vital for the smooth functioning of the nervous system. Thus, keeping the core strong means that you are protecting your inner organs and nervous system as well!

Helps In Improving Body Posture

A perfect body posture is a goal of many people. This can be achieved when you have core strength. When you start doing core-strengthening exercises, all of your body muscles get involved in the exercise as well. This in turn helps you gain the better body posture. A good body posture has many benefits that you are unaware of. Apart from giving you the confidence, it also reduces the risk of vertebrae degeneration, disc herniation, and aids you in breathing too.

Helps In Improving Balance

A good balance is extremely important both for athletes and other people. This is why a lot of people search for ways to improve their balance. A poor body balance can be a result of many deficiencies in the body such as neurological deficits, weakness of lower body, and vestibular dysfunction. According to research, body balance improves significantly when your core strength increases. When you start doing core exercises, you train the muscles in your pelvis, abdomen, lower back, and hips. When these muscles are strong, they function in synchronization. This in turn helps you in improving the balance of your body.

Helps You In Toning Your Abs

Want to achieve the perfect body with defined abs? This can be achieved through core strength. Many core strengthening exercises help you tone and strengthen. The good news is that it doesn’t require any specialized machinery or equipment to perform core strengthening exercises. A core training exercise includes any exercise that involves your abdomen and back muscles in a coordinated fashion. This can be done manually without the help of any specialized machinery.

Helps Athletes In Performing Better

Every sport encourages core strength and core training. It is extremely important for athletes and those who are active in gaining the core strength to perform better in the field. Most physical activities revolving around sports require a stronger core that helps the athlete succeed. Core strength helps them to control and direct their body, generate power, and transfer force into energy.

How Can You Achieve Core Strength?

Did you know that now you can achieve better core strength through treatment and therapy at BURD Physical Therapy? We help you in gaining core strength by offering you different plans that fit your needs! Let’s take a look at some of the plans that include core strengthening below.

Balance And Fall Prevention

Falls are not only something that happens when you age. They can happen due to a weaker core as well. More than 800,000 patients in the US are hospitalized each year due to a fall injury. This can help to be avoided when you have achieved core strength. Want to achieve the perfect body balance and fall prevention? We can help at BURD Physical Therapy.

Sportsmetric Injury Prevention

Injury is something that is common in every sport these days. But, if we look deeper into it, we can help to prevent these injuries from occurring. A lot of sports-related injuries can occur due to a weak core. Part of our treatment plans are based around training you with many exercises that will help you in gaining core strength and a stronger body foundation.

Core strength is something that should not be taken lightly. Whether you're an athlete or someone who is noticing issues with your balance and coordination, core strength plays a vital role in our ability to move and perform as humans!