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Suffering from Chronic Headaches?⁣

Before a physical therapist can design a treatment plan for you, the type of headache you are experiencing must first be diagnosed.⁠⁣



The primary goal of any physical therapy treatment plan is pain relief. That includes headaches! However, there are some important factors that go into that, which will work to improve your overall function and quality of life. These include:⁠⁣


Strength improvement. You’ll learn exercises to help strengthen the muscles that control your neck and upper back. This will help in improving your posture and increase your ability to stand or sit comfortably for longer periods of time.⁠⁣

Neck improvement: Using manual therapy, your physical therapist will stretch the muscles in the back of your neck to relieve pain and increase movement.⁠⁣

Posture improvement: Your posture throughout the day greatly impacts your likelihood of experiencing pain and/or tension headaches. Our physical therapists will teach you methods of improving your posture in order to function at optimum comfort and rid you of those nagging headaches in your daily life!⁣

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