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Strains Versus Sprains

Both strains and sprains are common injuries that occur while performing daily activities, competitive sports, and recreational activities. However, not many people know the difference between the two!⁣

A strain is the tearing of muscle fibers. Strains are often categorized into grades, a way to think of these grades is mild (grade I), moderate (grade II), severe (grade III). The severity can range from mild tenderness and swelling to a complete tear of the muscle into two pieces.⁣

Sprains are tears of the ligaments and capsules (tissues around joints). Sprains also are classified into grades. A grade one tear may only involve a few ligaments, whereas a grade three may involve a complete tear into two pieces.⁣

At BURD we do our best to first evaluate whether you have a sprain or strain. It's important to know the difference since the approach we take will change depending on if we're dealing with either a muscle or ligaments.⁣

Also! Never feel as if a "minor" sprain or strain is too small of an injury. Ignoring treatment can lead to many problems including lack of mobility and balance!

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