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Physical Therapy: Not Just For Injuries

At BURD Physical Therapy, our mission is to help you reach your highest potential in sports performance.

That's why we offer Sportsmetric and Titleist Performance Training programs - to give you the edge in your next season or event.

Our Sportsmetric program helps athletes of all ages and abilities.

With injury prevention and improving their agility, coordination, balance, reaction time, flexibility and strength through a range of exercises that are tailored to each individual’s needs.

The Titleist Performance Training program is designed to give golfers an advantage on the course by helping them achieve their full potential.

Through this comprehensive training system, golfers can focus on improving aspects such as power, accuracy, and distance.

We believe in helping athletes reach their goals through targeted programming and personalized fitness care; our team at BURD Physical Therapy looks forward to helping you reach your peak performance!


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