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Physical Therapy Can Prevent Harmful Falls Among Elders

Falls resulting in death among older Americans have almost tripled within the past few years. Harmful falls like these can be prevented! There are programs available that guide elders to strengthen their muscles and improve their balance in order to lower their risk of falling.

According to Elizabeth Burns, a study co-author and health scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's injury center, "Deaths from falls may have increased because older people are living longer, living longer independently, and are living longer with chronic conditions." Weight-bearing, balance, and resistance exercises can contribute towards the reduction of the amount of falls among older people. They conducted a study in which elderly patients, who have recently fallen, exercised three times a week at home, and met with a physical therapist for five sessions. The exercises consisted of seated and standing leg lifts, knee bends, backwards walking, and walking half an hour at least twice a week. Among the 172 participants who completed these exercises, along with usual care by a doctor, only 236 falls had occurred. Meanwhile, among the other 172 participants that only received usual care by a doctor, 366 falls had occurred.

Prevent these falls by attending Burd Physical Therapy's Big for Life group exercise program for a safe and effective low impact workout! The exercises include a combination of seated and standing balance, cardio, and stretching activities. This program will be available to you every Wednesday, starting June 19th, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM in the Crossbridge Wellness conference room upstairs!

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