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Muscle Atrophy

If you've ever been in a cast for a long time you are familiar with muscle atrophy. After an extended period of inactivity the muscles in our bodies break down in order to conserve energy. It's actually a primal reaction we have to conserve calories.⁣

What most people don't realize however, is that muscle atrophy isn't only apparent in those recovering from broken bones. In fact, it can occur in people with poor nutrition (lack of protein, fruits & veggies), people with IBS, celiac disease, cancer and overall immobility.⁣

According to the FDA a condition called sarcopenia also can contribute to muscle atrophy too. The FDA found that one third of adults over 60 suffer from this condition.⁣

So why is muscle atrophy bad?⁣

Well, atrophy can cause major balance issues, loss of the ability to carry or pick up objects or even just unevenness within your body if one limb is weaker than the other. A weak body is incredibly susceptible to falls and injury. ⁣

How do you combat muscle atrophy?⁣

You guessed it...Physical Therapy is an amazing way to combat these conditions by utilizing various stretch treatments, strengthening exercises and overall mobility movements. This improves circulation, reduces spasticity and contributes to the overall health and wellness of your muscles!⁣

Our Active Aging program is an amazing way to reduce the natural atrophy process and keeps your muscles in tip top shape! Learn more about the program on our website:

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