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Knee pain can be some of the most frustrating pain a person can endure.

It limits a person's range of motion and restricts so many activities.

There are many different types of knee pain so it's hard to broadly discuss a particular treatment or service that applies to everyone, however, the end goal is typically common. 1) Range of motion - Depending on the injury or ailment PT can be utilized if the patient's knee has limited motion. Certain stretches are performed in order to alleviate tightness. 2) Gait - Evaluating HOW the knee is moving and being utilized is key in understanding any particular reasoning for issues. 3) Strength - Particularly in knee surgery patients we see a severe lack in strength during initial eval or treatment. Strength plays a vital role in keeping the knee structured and secure. 4) Balance - Just like strength, we want to ensure the knee is protected. Working on balance helps prevent and unevenness throughout the body and ensures the patient's stability when walking or running. These are just a few goals we set out to accomplish when working with knee patients and as previously stated; these may vary based on the injury. Any way you look at it, PT plays a vital role in the recovery and healing of the knee!

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