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Fall Prevention: Are You Or Your Loved Ones At Risk?

Our ability to balance and the risk of a fall is a worry for many. Often times it can be the determining factor for retaining one's independence. Whether your concern is due to a recent fall, surgery, or simply the body's ability to balance due to aging, Physical Therapy is a proven way to decrease risk of falls and increase balance by taking an active approach to improve it. BURD Physical Therapy's proven One on One Balance And Fall Prevention Program is a great defense for fall prevention.  

"Fear of falling may lead to more sedentary lifestyle with subsequent deconditioning that creates an ongoing downward spiral leading to frailty, depression, isolation, increased risk of future falls and loss of independence."

Science Direct Alia A. Alghwiri PT, MS,, Susan L. Whitney PT, DPT, PhD, NCS, ATC, FAPTA, in Geriatric Physical Therapy 3rd Edition 2012

Common reasons why you or your loved one may be at risk for falls:

Vestibular disorder/poor balance

Vitamin D insufficiency

Medications linked to falls

Postural hypotension

Vision impairment

Foot or ankle disorder

Home hazards

Fear of falling can oftentimes be helpful. Yes, you read that correctly!! Most often we do not associate fears with being healthy thing to have, however, there are instances when our bodies develop these rational fears for a reason. They may be a natural correlation of ones underlying health issues. Listen to your body, or your family and friends that may have these fears.

Fear of falling- Its helpful side:

Fear of falling may reflect a realistic appraisal of reduced functional abilities.

This may be a result of; first-hand experience, e.g. a near fall or a recent fall that resulted in pain, embarrassment or injury. Or simply just a lack of confidence in being able to efficiently balance on your own. Fear of falling can be a normal adaptive response to challenged equilibrium. The key is listening to these feelings. It's hard to admit, however, chances are you're probably correct.

Our Physical Therapists here at BURD are trained to evaluate balance impairments. We will provide a comprehensive one on one evaluation of any issues you may be experiencing. Our therapist will then provide a personal and individualized care plan using state of the art equipment and exercise with proven results. Let us help you or a loved one prevent a dangerous fall BEFORE it happens.


BURD Physical Therapy is a family owned clinic predicated on providing personal and individualized care. Your goals are our mission and there is no mission too large for us to undertake. At BURD that you're not only a patient, you're part of our family. If you're interested in learning more or if you'd like to schedule your next appointment please reach out to us at 585-300-4333! #YourGoalsOurMission