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Cupping Therapy

You may think of cupping as a somewhat newer therapy treatment, however, cupping has been around for quite some time! It has actually been traced back to around 1550 BC by the ancient Egyptians! Aside from its ancient history, cupping provides many benefits to recovery and overall muscle usage!

If you are not familiar with cupping, it's a process where small round hollow cups are placed on the body (normally on muscles that are tense and tight) and then are suctioned using a special tool. The suction creates a lifting of the tissue so that it can create space and allow for improved tissue mobility. The more common benefit of using cupping is for its ability to increase blood flow to certain areas and reduce inflammation. This allows the recovery process to expedite as more blood flow is reaching the targeted area.

Cupping can be just the edge you need to decrease pain, improve mobility, and get your body healing itself and back to doing what you love. If you've never tried it before you're certainly in for a treat!

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