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Knee Videos

Advanced Cone Taps For Knee Replacement

One of our more advanced exercises for knee replacement patients, this one is typically added to the treatment plan once the patient has progressed within their strength and range of motion enough to handle these more advanced movements.

Banded Backward Lunge

After a patient has had knee replacement surgery, it's critically important that we focus on hip stability and strengthening just as much as the knee itself. Here, Chelsea shares the benefits of this backward banded lunge and why it's beneficial for post-knee replacement therapy!

Basic Post Operative Knee Exercise

Bri demonstrates and explains a very basic exercise for patients right after knee surgery!

Creating End-Range Knee Flexion

This knee mobilization exercise is very efficient with creating end-range knee flexion and getting rid of some of that residual scar tissue that can hang around after knee replacement surgery.

Forward BOSU Ball Lunge

Your quad tends to be the weakest muscle after having knee replacement surgery. Here, Chelsea shares a tough, yet effective exercise for strengthening your quads post-surgery.

Gentle Knee Flexion - Post Operative Therapy

We continue on this week with some gentle knee rehab exercises! This heel slide enables patients to gain greater leverage when performing knee flexion modalities as Bri explains.

Heal Faster From Knee Pain With BURD Physical Therapy

Whether you're recovering from an injury, surgery, or simply experiencing chronic pain, we're here to help.

Think of us as your partners in recovery, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and reclaim your quality of life.

Give us a call today and see how we can help you heal from knee pain.

Hurdle Stepping For Knee Flexion

Hurdle Stepping may look easy and simple, but it is actually a challenging exercise for those recovering from knee replacement surgery. Here, Chelsea describes the importance of gaining flexion in the knee through hurdle stepping and how that helps with daily life.

Kathi's Post Surgery Recovery with Burd Physical Therapy

We're proud to introduce you to Kathi; one of our post surgery rehabilitation patients!

Kathi is recovering and rehabilitating from her second knee surgery. She's certainly a fighter as also demonstrated by her losing over 140 pounds!!!

Be sure congratulate Kathi on her amazing journey. Great job Kathi!!!!

Knee Extension Exercise Demo

Knee extension and range of motion issues are common struggles after knee replacement surgery. Here, Chelsea shares a great exercise for treating those symptoms

Patty Cycles 700 Miles After Visiting BURD PT!

We're so happy to have Patty as a patient here at BURD PT! Patty is a phenomenal example of someone who has persevered in order to accomplish her goals. Listen to her story and what she was able to accomplish with the help of her therapist Chelsea!
#YourGoalsOurMission | #PhysicalTherapy

Physical Therapy in Rochester NY For Knee Injuries

Physical therapy can be an essential part of treatment for knee injuries, with the goal of helping patients regain range of motion and strength while reducing pain.

Physical therapy can also help to prevent future injuries by helping patients to improve their joint flexibility and muscle strength. In addition, physical therapy can help patients return to their previous level of activity more quickly and safely.

At BURD PT, we use a variety of techniques, including exercises, stretches, massage, and electrical stimulation, to achieve these goals. If you are experiencing pain or limited mobility due to a knee injury, physical therapy may be right for you.

Post Operative Knee Recovery - Bosu Step-Overs

Follow Bri at our new Pittsford office as she walks us through a knee stabilization exercise. This exercise may seem very basic, but for a post-operative knee patient, this can actually be quite difficult as stepping on the Bosu ball really pushes the stabilizing muscles.

Single Leg RDL

The single-leg RDL (Romanian Deadlift) is an extremely challenging exercise that is typically only added to a patient's treatment plan towards the tail-end; after they've progressed enough from a strengthening and mobility perspective.

Here, Chelsea shares additional information on how this exercise helps the healing process!

Steve Recovers From An ACL Tear With BURD Physical Therapy

Steve recently suffered his second ACL tear while playing soccer ⚽. He has made tremendous progress so far with his range of motion and strength. Here he shares his experience in healing from the injury and his future goals 🙌 #YourGoalsOurMission | #ACLInjury | #ACLTear | #BURDPT

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