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Exercise Videos

Advanced Cone Taps For Knee Replacement

One of our more advanced exercises for knee replacement patients, this one is typically added to the treatment plan once the patient has progressed within their strength and range of motion enough to handle these more advanced movements.

An Adaptation Of A Common Quad Stretch

Follow along as Dan shares an adaptation of the common quad stretch that is very effective in helping to build mobility in the quads and hip flexors. This stretch can be used to alleviate low back pain, as having tight quads and hip flexors prevents your low back from moving the way it should.

An Amazing Back Mobility Stretch

Follow along as Dan walks us through an amazing mid-back stretch that just about anyone can perform!

Ankle Mobility And How Back Issues Can Impact It.

It's important that your Physical Therapist take a full-body approach to your care and treatment. Here, Dan explains how Brett's back injury has impacted his ankle mobility and how we're able to test that mobility to help identify the next steps in treatment!

Assisted Flexion for the Shoulder - Exercise Demo

You may be familiar with this assisted flexion shoulder exercise, but did you know you can make a small adjustment to how you perform the motion to be able to better target your scapular muscles?

Back Extension Exercise

The low back is typically an issue for people with poor posture, especially those who tend to spend a lot of time leaning or bending forward. Bri and Jen walk through an exercise that can counter those positions. Please note that this exercise should only be done for patients whose protocol allows for backward spinal flexion.

Balance Training 2

Physical injuries can impact your daily life. Nancy was having difficulty while just walking her dog, but balance training and glute strengthening exercises - such as this one - help to address those problems!

Banded Backward Lunge

After a patient has had knee replacement surgery, it's critically important that we focus on hip stability and strengthening just as much as the knee itself. Here, Chelsea shares the benefits of this backward banded lunge and why it's beneficial for post-knee replacement therapy!

Basic Post Operative Knee Exercise

Bri demonstrates and explains a very basic exercise for patients right after knee surgery!

Breathing Strategies At BURD Physical Therapy

Watch as Dr. Daniel Strack, our expert physical therapist, explains and demonstrates different breathing strategies to help coordinate breathing with different types of movements.

Chair Stands For Core

The sit-to-stand exercise strengthens your lower body and helps you maintain or improve your mobility and core strength.

The end goal is to do the sit-to-stand exercise without using your hands. This will be easier as you become stronger.

Contact us today and let us help you achieve your physical goals! Get back to doing what you love at

Chelsea Burdick provides at home relief for low back pain

Did you know that back pain is the third most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office? Follow along as Chelsea and Jenn demonstrate treatment for low back pain!

Cone Taps For Gait Improvement

If you have a lower extremity injury or have had surgery, you may be having a problem with your gait.

The ultimate goal of gait training in physical therapy is to help you walk normally and safely.

Contact us today and let us help you get back to doing what you love.

Core Exercise at BURD Physical Therapy

These three exercises are designed to target your core muscles. A strong core helps you stay balanced and injury-free, as strengthening the muscles of your abdomen and lower back can help reduce the strain on your back and other parts of your body.

Core strength is one of the most important conditions for physical therapy because it helps with posture, stability, coordination, and even preventing injuries in everyday activities and sport.

Strengthening your core can help improve balance, coordination and flexibility; all of which are essential for avoiding injuries. So make sure to add core exercises into your workout routine – whether you’re an athlete or not – to prevent future injury!

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Creating End-Range Knee Flexion

This knee mobilization exercise is very efficient with creating end-range knee flexion and getting rid of some of that residual scar tissue that can hang around after knee replacement surgery.

Easing Into Shoulder Mobility

Follow along as Bri and Jen walk us through an exercise that helps ease into increasing mobility for a patient who may be newly recovering from shoulder surgery!

Eccentric Shoulder Raise

After a shoulder injury, building back range of motion is critical. Here, Chelsea shares an eccentric shoulder raise that is a great building-block exercise as the shoulder recovers.

Forward BOSU Ball Lunge

Your quad tends to be the weakest muscle after having knee replacement surgery. Here, Chelsea shares a tough, yet effective exercise for strengthening your quads post-surgery.

Gastrocnemius (Calf Muscle) Stretch

There are a few different stretches you can do to really target your calf muscles. Here, Dan shares one of the most effective for loosening up your gastrocnemius; which in turn helps to alleviate Achilles tendon pain.

Gentle Knee Flexion - Post Operative Therapy

We continue on this week with some gentle knee rehab exercises! This heel slide enables patients to gain greater leverage when performing knee flexion modalities as Bri explains.

Glute Evaluation And Utilization At BURD Physical Therapy

Dr. Daniel Strack demonstrates how proper evaluation and utilization of the glutes can lead to improved range of motion, decreased pain, and better overall musculoskeletal function.

Hip Rotary Machine

Our hip rotary machine helps to rehabilitate and strengthen the hip in multiple different ways. Chelsea walks us through how it can be used post-surgery

Hip Strengthening

We do a full body evaluation with our patients on a regular basis to make sure that we are addressing any issues or symptoms caused by an injury or that could be exasperating it. Here, Dan walks us through how a hip and low back exercise ultimately is helping with recovery from a neck injury.

Hurdle Stepping For Knee Flexion

Hurdle Stepping may look easy and simple, but it is actually a challenging exercise for those recovering from knee replacement surgery. Here, Chelsea describes the importance of gaining flexion in the knee through hurdle stepping and how that helps with daily life.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Join us here as one of our Physical Therapists - Dan - explains a common exercise-induced injury: Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IT Band Syndrome.)

Knee Extension Exercise Demo

Knee extension and range of motion issues are common struggles after knee replacement surgery. Here, Chelsea shares a great exercise for treating those symptoms

Lat Row For Shoulder Rehab

The lat row is a very traditional exercise back exercise. Here, Chelsea explains why we like to use this exercise as part of shoulder rehab.

Lower Body Flexibility Evaluation at BURD Physical Therapy

In this video, Dr. Daniel Strack will guide you through an evaluation and techniques to determine your lower body flexibility.

By assessing your mobility, our Physical Therapists will provide personalized recommendations to improve your joint health and prevent injuries.

Marching Bridge Exercise For Assessment

The Bridge is a great exercise for the glutes, as well as the spinal stabilizers.
But it can also serve as a simple (but very effective) assessment tool for lumbo-pelvic-hip stability.

Marching Bridge Movement

Join us here as Dan shares a very effective and challenging hip stabilization movement that has been an influential part of Rosemary's progession!

Mid-Back Isolation Stretch

Here, Dan shares a very effective way to isolate, stretch, and strengthen your mid-back while protecting your low back.

Nerve Flossing After A Back Injury

Have you ever heard of nerve flossing? That's right, flossing isn't just for your teeth!

Here, Dan explains the benefits of nerve flossing and at what point during treatment we typically progress to these types of exercises with our patients!

Pelvic Tilt Exercise For Low Back Pain

Learn about one of the most important and most effective exercises to do when it comes to low back pain!

Pendulum Shoulder Stabilization Exercise Demo

A pendulum shoulder stabilization exercise that we love including in treatment plans for patients post-shoulder surgery!

Piriformis Muscle Stretch

The piriformis muscle is a small muscle located deep in the hip region. It begins at the lower spine and connects to the upper surface of each femur. The piriformis assists with rotating the hip and turning the leg and foot outward.

Here, Megan shares a great stretch for the piriformis muscle, which can also help to alleviate the symptoms from an irritated sciatic nerve.

Post Operative Knee Recovery - Bosu Step-Overs

Follow Bri at our new Pittsford office as she walks us through a knee stabilization exercise. This exercise may seem very basic, but for a post-operative knee patient, this can actually be quite difficult as stepping on the Bosu ball really pushes the stabilizing muscles.

Prenatal Care Episode 1: Diastasis Recti

Have you heard of Diastasis Recti? If you or a close loved one has ever been pregnant, you may be familiar with this somewhat common condition.

Dr. Chelsea Burdick introduces the condition in the first episode of BURD Physical Therapy's Prenatal Care series. 🤰❤️

Prenatal Care Episode 2: Core Stability

Join us here as Chelsea walks us through the beginning stages of learning how to engage those deep abdominal muscles during pregnancy. Remember to maintain a neutral spine! 🙌

Prenatal Care Episode 3: Abdominal Braces

Join us here in Episode 3 of our Prenatal Series with Dr. Chelsea Burdick as she shares another great abdominal bracing exercise. 🤗

Visit for more information or to schedule your appointment today!

Prenatal Care With Burd Physical Therapy: Episode 4

While planking may be a favorite core strengthening exercise, it's not always safe to perform a traditional plank, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.

Here, Chelsea shares some alternate exercises to reap the benefits of a plank safely while pregnant.

Prenatal Care with BURD PT - Episode 5

Those who have gone through a pregnancy before likely know that your center of gravity can feel off during the later stages. Here, Chelsea shares some deceptively challenging standing exercises that help to strengthen and stabilize your core.

Rehab and Train With The Alter G

The Alter G Anti-Gravity treadmill is a revolutionary piece of workout equipment that can provide a wide range of benefits for users. Perhaps most importantly, the Alter G can aid in the healing process for those who have suffered an injury.

By unweighting the user, the Alter G takes away much of the stress and strain that is placed on the body during traditional forms of exercise. This can allow injured muscles and joints to heal more quickly and effectively.

In addition, the Alter G is extremely comfortable to use, making it a great option for those who are looking for a low-impact form of exercise. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate from an injury or simply want to reduce the amount of impact on your body, the Alter G Anti-Gravity treadmill is an excellent choice.

Reverse Pendulum Kettlebell Exercise - Shoulder Impingement

We've been highlighting various warm-up and stretching techniques for Patty's shoulder impingement treatment and now we move on to some strengthening exercises. This reverse pendulum kettlebell exercise is a light, yet effective exercise to engage the shoulder joint to ease into strengthening the shoulder.

Rhomboid Strengthening

Another great back strengthening exercise with Bri! We find that while it's simple, this exercise, in particular, is extremely effective for many individuals as it's common to develop weak back muscles from frequent sitting and slouching. Great job Larry!

Scapular Stabilization Exercise For The Rotator Cuffs

Join us here as Chelsea shares one of her favorite scapular stabilization exercises that targets the rotator cuff muscles. This one is deceptively fatiguing!

Serratus Anterior Exercise - Shoulder Impingement

Chelsea demonstrates a great strengthening exercise for shoulder impingement syndrome. This exercise targets the serratus anterior a muscle at the base of the shoulder blade that helps stabilize the scapula.

Shoulder Impingement Glide

Inferior shoulder glides are a great way to ease into shoulder impingement treatment in order to relieve pain and assist with mobilization of the shoulder joint. Follow along as Chelsea explains all the benefits in detail during this session!

Shoulder Impingement Stretches

Passive rotation stretches are a great way to get a patient's shoulder accustomed to moving in certain directions again. It also tells the therapist where the patient may have the most restriction. Chelsea explains some additional benefits and demonstrates another stretch for shoulder impingement as well!

Shoulder Mobility Exercise Demo

After shoulder replacement surgery it's common to experience stiffness in the joint throughout the day or early in the morning. Here, Chelsea shares one of her favorite shoulder mobility warm-up exercises to include in treatment plans for those recovering after surgery.

Single Leg RDL

The single-leg RDL (Romanian Deadlift) is an extremely challenging exercise that is typically only added to a patient's treatment plan towards the tail-end; after they've progressed enough from a strengthening and mobility perspective.

Here, Chelsea shares additional information on how this exercise helps the healing process!

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