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Back Videos

An Adaptation Of A Common Quad Stretch

Follow along as Dan shares an adaptation of the common quad stretch that is very effective in helping to build mobility in the quads and hip flexors. This stretch can be used to alleviate low back pain, as having tight quads and hip flexors prevents your low back from moving the way it should.

An Amazing Back Mobility Stretch

Follow along as Dan walks us through an amazing mid-back stretch that just about anyone can perform!

Ankle Mobility And How Back Issues Can Impact It.

It's important that your Physical Therapist take a full-body approach to your care and treatment. Here, Dan explains how Brett's back injury has impacted his ankle mobility and how we're able to test that mobility to help identify the next steps in treatment!

Back Extension Exercise

The low back is typically an issue for people with poor posture, especially those who tend to spend a lot of time leaning or bending forward. Bri and Jen walk through an exercise that can counter those positions. Please note that this exercise should only be done for patients whose protocol allows for backward spinal flexion.

Chelsea Burdick provides at home relief for low back pain

Did you know that back pain is the third most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office? Follow along as Chelsea and Jenn demonstrate treatment for low back pain!

Lumbar Spine Issues & Treatment At BURD Physical Therapy

Don't let back pain hold you back any longer.

Trust BURD Physical Therapy to help you get back to the activities you love, pain-free.

Book your appointment today and experience the difference we can make!

Mid-Back Isolation Stretch

Here, Dan shares a very effective way to isolate, stretch, and strengthen your mid-back while protecting your low back.

Nerve Flossing After A Back Injury

Have you ever heard of nerve flossing? That's right, flossing isn't just for your teeth!

Here, Dan explains the benefits of nerve flossing and at what point during treatment we typically progress to these types of exercises with our patients!

Pelvic Tilt Exercise For Low Back Pain

Learn about one of the most important and most effective exercises to do when it comes to low back pain!

Piriformis Muscle Stretch

The piriformis muscle is a small muscle located deep in the hip region. It begins at the lower spine and connects to the upper surface of each femur. The piriformis assists with rotating the hip and turning the leg and foot outward.

Here, Megan shares a great stretch for the piriformis muscle, which can also help to alleviate the symptoms from an irritated sciatic nerve.

Rhomboid Strengthening

Another great back strengthening exercise with Bri! We find that while it's simple, this exercise, in particular, is extremely effective for many individuals as it's common to develop weak back muscles from frequent sitting and slouching. Great job Larry!

Superman Exercise For Strengthening

This is a great exercise we have patients practice to assist in strengthening their posterior chain muscles! This one is quite difficult to hold for a long time as you'll see in the video

Thoracic Spine Mobilization

Here one of our Physical Therapists, Briana, walks Larry through an effective shoulder stretch that also helps to mobilize your thoracic spine. Great job, Larry!

Thoracic Spine Stretch For Office Workers

Listen in as Jen & Bri demonstrate an excellent stretch that every person who sits at a desk should add to their routine! ✔️

Unassisted Mid-back Exercise

Dan is back with Rosemary as she works on an unassisted mid-back exercise in order to elevate her range of motion!

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